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Welcome. These galleries of images represent my passion for what's loosely called The Great Outdoors. They have been made whilst doing 'stuff' out there - walking, sea kayaking, mountaineering, ski touring, biking. I hope you enjoy them.

Hello there,

I hope you enjoy the images on these pages. They reflect my fondness for Britain's Uplands; areas small in stature and size but places where it's still possible to find adventure and inspiration. Also featured is Norway, surely the greatest ski touring destination in the world ?

If you visit the Peak District and would like to see the photos in their physical, framed form, I have an exhibition in Jo Royle Outdoor in Buxton, an outdoor retailer with which I have a long association and where I can occasionally be found helping out behind the counter ( )

My pictures have been published in the Sunday Times, Rough Guides, Trail, Country Walking, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, National Geographic, Ute (Norway) amongst others. 

My equipment is Fuji X system beautifully designed cameras that echo the stripped-down Contax S2 which I used for many years in the days of 35mm film. A few of the images were taken with film in a Bronica Etrsi.

I tend not to do a lot of  post-processing (manipulation of the image)  - so the photo pretty much shows the scene as I saw it, no skies have been replaced in the production of these images !

I won the 'Best Single Image, Art of Travel' award in  the 2019 Travel Photographer of the Year

and also won the UK Mountain Photographer of the Year 2017

INSTAGRAM......In a startling development, I am now on  Instagram, so for a regular and varied supply of photos go to geoff_shoults

Holiday property photography

The quality of images that your potential visitors see is paramount - quality photography inspires confidence of a quality experience. Ambience is key, can the customer envisage themselves relaxing in your property, sitting by that fire or quietly reading in the garden ?

A on-off investment in your images will repay many times  over many years

This type of photography is not dissimilar to landscapes; it's about light and points of interest and directing the eye.

If you're interested in this service in the Peak District area drop me an email at         

Sample pricing for a cottage : £150 inc VAT (+ tea & biscuits !)

Prints for you

The images in these pages can be purchased for you to display in a variety of sizes and formats (and obviously any watermark won't come out on the print).

They are individually printed, at a  reasonable cost, and to order by the professional photo lab that I use for all my personal prints.

Please e-mail me for details: 

Please leave comments and criticisms and feel free to contact me.



Buxton, 2019

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  • Paul Arysen

    on April 7, 2019

    if all we ever truly possess are memories, here's a treasure trove...

  • Paul Arysen

    on April 6, 2019

    if all we every truly possess are memories, here's a treasure trove...

  • Steven Partridge

    on January 23, 2019

    Hi Geoff only one word from a happy Jo Royle customer Outstanding photography OK two words. Keep enjoying the great outdoors cheers Steve Partridge

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