Mountain Photographs by Geoff Shoults

geoff shoults

Welcome. These galleries of images represent my passion for what's loosely called The Great Outdoors. They have been made whilst doing 'stuff' out there - walking, sea kayaking, mountaineering, ski touring, biking. I hope you enjoy them.

Hello there,

I hope you enjoy the images on these pages. They reflect my fondness for Britain's Uplands; areas small in stature and size but places where it's still possible to find adventure and inspiration. Also featured is Norway, surely the greatest ski touring destination in the world ?

If you visit the Peak District and would like to see the photos in their physical, framed form, I have an exhibition in Jo Royle Outdoor in Buxton, an outdoor retailer with which I have a long association and where I can occasionally be found helping out behind the counter ( )

My pictures have been published in the Sunday Times, Rough Guides, Trail, Country Walking, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, National Geographic, Ute (Norway) amongst others. 

My equipment is Fuji X system beautifully designed cameras that echo the stripped-down Contax S2 which I used for many years in the days of 35mm film. A few of the images were taken with film in a Bronica Etrsi.

I tend not to do a lot of  post-processing (manipulation of the image)  - so the photo pretty much shows the scene as I saw it, no skies have been replaced in the production of these images !

I won the 'Best Single Image, Art of Travel' award in  the 2019 Travel Photographer of the Year

and also won the UK Mountain Photographer of the Year 2017

INSTAGRAM......In a startling development, I am now on  Instagram, so for a regular and varied supply of photos go to geoff_shoults

Prints for you

The images in these pages can be purchased for you to display in a variety of sizes and formats (and obviously any watermark won't come out on the print).

They are individually printed, at a  reasonable cost, and to order by the professional photo lab that I use for all my personal prints.

Please e-mail me for details: 

Please leave comments and criticisms and feel free to contact me.



Buxton, 2019

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  • Paul Arysen

    on April 6, 2019

    if all we ever truly possess are memories, here's a treasure trove...

  • Paul Arysen

    on April 6, 2019

    if all we every truly possess are memories, here's a treasure trove...

  • Steven Partridge

    on January 23, 2019

    Hi Geoff only one word from a happy Jo Royle customer Outstanding photography OK two words. Keep enjoying the great outdoors cheers Steve Partridge